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After an absence of six months from the charts - an eternity back in those days - Kim Wilde returned with the lead single from her third album 'Catch as catch can': 'Love blonde' on July 18, 1983. The single was introduced by Kim in a seductive and suggestive black leather dress that left her back bare. True to the lyric written by Marty, Kim made fun of the caricature of the iconic dumb blonde. For the first time, the song appeared in a remixed 12" version as well. A limited quantity of the 12" singles also contained a poster of Kim in that dress.

According to Kim: 'I had kind of a problem with [that song] at the time. Should I really be singing this song about me? And I asked dad, 'Is it about me?' And he said, 'No, it's about the mythology of the blonde sex symbol.' I said, 'Yes, but that's how everyone's perceiving me,' so he told me to just take the piss out of it and enjoy it. And he was right, you know. It is all superficial, that side of it. So kind of acknowledging it in a song like that, because it was an unpredictable thing to do, knocks people back a bit. Most people have fun playing about with my image, talking about me, so I thought, 'Why not do it myself?'.' (You can find more quotes from Kim about Love blonde in the Encyclopedia)

After the relatively disappointing performance of her previous single 'Child come away', 'Love blonde' gave Kim new chart success in Europe and the UK.