Throwback Thursday


For this week's Throwback Thursday photo, we go back to 1983. In the Eighties, Germany was famous for its television spectacles, organised by presenters such as Peter Illman (Peter's Popshow) and Thomas Gottschalk (Thommy's Popshow). The photo shown here was taken during Thommy's Popshow, which was broadcast in Germany on December 17, 1983 - exactly 32 years ago today. Kim Wilde performed 'Love blonde' and 'Dancing in the dark' before a very enthusiastic live audience.

Fresh from her second European tour, which ended a week earlier, Kim wore some of the stage gear she'd worn during the tour, including the heavy 'bullet belt' which gave her quite a tough look. Kim sang live during this broadcast, but the backing track was pre-recorded. In the case of 'Dancing in the dark', it sounded quite different from the version that was recorded on the album.