Who do you think you are?

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On July 13, 1992, the single 'Who do you think you are?' was released in Europe as the second single from 'Love is'. In the UK, where 'Heart over mind' was released as the album's second single a month earlier, this one would be released in September as the third single from 'Love is'. According to Kim, 'It's quite an angry little song, kind of encapsulates how I feel a lot about fame and how people handle it or don't, and it's not all together about one person or even a lot of people or it doesn't even not include myself so it's a sort of disenchanted view at fame.'

Kim promoted the single with a colourful music video and several performances in European television programmes. The result was a tad disappointing, as the single peaked at number 58 in Germany and number 49 in the UK.

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