Throwback Thursday


You will notice a slight crease in this week's Throwback Thursday photograph, and that's just because we have no better scan available. The photograph appeared in the July 14, 1996 issue of the Sunday Times magazine, a rare magazine at a time in Kim's career when articles and interviews were becoming rather less frequent. The article was all about second hand designer clothes, and Kim showed them off in these beautiful photographs. Kim was of course always a fan of second hand clothing: even at the beginning of her career she was famous for shopping at Oxfam for her outfits.

According to Kim: 'I stopped for a while in favour of brand-new designer stuff, but now I realise that if you stick to the classics, you can have things that are unique and beautifully made - one of my favourites is a 1940s coat. The downside is having to spend the time to find that special piece.'

If you have better scans of this article, or even a copy of the magazine, please contact us.