Throwback Thursday


Kim Wilde made the news headlines in the UK 29 years ago when she released the music video for her new single 'Say you really want me'. Within days of its release, ITV producer Mike Forte said that the video was too raunchy for the kids show Get Fresh. The video was banned from the programme, and that caused a storm in a teacup.

A spokesman from MCA Records commented simply: "[The video] is aimed at an older audience than Kim's former image attracted." Kim also kept her cool and said in an interview in Record Mirror: "I think I learnt more about sex from the girls who sat next to me at school. What they got up to even then at 12 years old was far more worrying than anything in my video." These days we wouldn't be so easily shocked, as music video have become much raunchier. So let's rewind to 1987 and have a look at Kim between the sheets...