Throwback Thursday


The most extraordinary website dedicated to Kim Wilde was probably We're not about to toot our own horn (because the website was actually created by us), but the idea of a gardening website with almost exclusively black and white photography might seem odd to some. But for some reason, it worked. The website was created to highlight Kim's professional work in the garden, but around the time of the creation of the website - in 2005 - Kim changed careers again and returned to music.

The website was still around for years, but on August 25, 2010 - exactly six years ago today - it was announced that the website would cease to exist. A copy can still be found in the Internet Archive with most pages still intact, so it is still there for you to click through. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on one of the most beautiful portraits of Kim that was featured in the website's interface, photographed by Katrien Vercaigne in August 2005.