Throwback Thursday


Today in 1970, the Dutch TV programme Toppop was broadcast on television for the very first time. Director Rien van Wijk bases the programme on the UK's Top of the pops, with performances from artists from all over the world. The use of special effects and specially created mini-movies (such as Nena's '99 Luftballons', which was recorded near Hilversum and subsequently used as the song's music video) makes the programme very popular.

The image presented here is taken from the first seconds of Kim's first ever performance on Toppop, back in 1981. This is how many viewers in the Netherlands saw Kim Wilde for the very first time. When confronted with this video during an interview in Toppop in 1986, Kim Wilde commented: "My nose has changed. I haven't had a nose job, but (...) it seems to have changed shape. I think my whole face has changed."