Cover Friday: B. City Crew

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Kim Wilde has released many songs during her career. Some of them have been covered by other artists. On Cover Friday, Wilde Life presents cover versions of Kim Wilde songs. This week: B City Crew.

Some cover versions remain anonymous. This is the case with the B City Crew, an unidentified studio act that has recorded a handful of cover versions, but their identity remains a mystery. They recorded cover versions of 'Such a shame' (originally by Talk Talk), 'I like Chopin' (originally by Gazebo), 'Mary's prayer' (originally by Danny Wilson), 'You keep me hangin' on' and 'You came' (both originally by Kim Wilde).

All these tracks appear on a compilation called 'Freestyle 80s', released in Germany in 2005. The music appeals mostly to skaters and breakdancers. It seems unlikely that B City Crew will release any more tracks, so we will probably never find out who made these cover versions.

Listen to 'You Came'.

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