Throwback Thursday


On March 30, 1985 - exactly 32 years ago today - Kim Wilde performed live at the Congresgebouw in Den Haag (Netherlands). It was a historic event of sorts, since the webmaster of this site really wanted to see this concert, but wasn't allowed to go. At 14 years, it was still pretty difficult to ignore parents' orders, and so the concert came and went without further excitement.

Photographs of this concert are pretty rare, unfortunately. The only record of this concert was a review in the shortlived Dutch periodical entitled Muziek Parade Magazine. As a successor of the monthly Muziek Parade, just nine issues were released in 1985 until it went bankrupt. But - lo and behold - this week's Throwback Thursday photograph was actually taken in Den Haag by Pieter Mazèl. And you can read the article here.