Cover Friday: Tom Duke & Grønærten

Kim Wilde has released many songs during her career. Some of them have been covered by other artists. On Cover Friday, Wilde Life presents cover versions of Kim Wilde songs. This week: Tom Duke & Grønærten.

Back in 2007, Kim Wilde performed live at the Langelandsfestival in Denmark. Backstage she met Marie-Louise Lundqvist, who was then 11 years old. Marie-Louise was a blind girl who together with Tom Duke performed live in Denmark, singing familiar songs. One of the songs was Kim’s ‘Kids in America’. Meeting Kim was a great moment for the young girl.

A year later, Tom Duke & Grønærten (as they called themselves) did a live performance of ‘Kids in America’ at the Langelandsfestival. They also released the track on a CD EP, raising money for blind children in Africa. Tom and Marie-Louise performed together until 2009. For many reasons they are not working together anymore but they are still friends.

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