Dimestars album released digitally

At the turn of the century, Kim’s younger sister Roxanne was in a band called Dimestars. Together with Joe Holweger, Morgan Quaintance and Tom Hanna she recorded an album’s worth of material. The band supported Kylie on her ‘On a Night Like This’ tour, and released two singles: ‘Solo So Long’ and ‘My Superstar’. Promotional copies of the album were made, but the album was never commercially released… until now!

Two decades after Dimestars folded, ‘Living for the Weekend’ has finally been released, albeit just digitally. You can listen to the album on Spotify. The digital release features all twelve tracks from the album, but leaves out the remixes of ‘Solo So Long’ and ‘My Superstar’, as well as the cover version of ‘Pretty in Pink’, which the band recorded as well.