60's World

Song written by Marty Wilde.
Third track on Marty's album 'Running Together' and recorded as a duet with Kim.


There are two versions of '60's World': the album version and an earlier version that was released on a promotional CD for the album 'Running Together'. In that version, the line 'Back in the '60s baby' is sung as 'Oh won't you be my baby'.

Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the song. It was directed by Kim Wilde.
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Marty about '60's World'

'60's World' is my way of celebrating Joyce, the woman that I've loved, and who's been the rock of our family, for 60 years. It's 60 years since the start of the decade, 60 years we've been married and 60 years since our gorgeous Kim was born. Every day of my life has been special with Joyce and the family and I wanted to go back to 1960, where it all began. And what better way to celebrate than by bringing back the sound of the 60s with a modern twist. (1)


Guitar: Neville Marten
Bass: Roger Newell
Drums: Neil Robinson
Keyboards: Ricky Wilde
Additional keyboards, guitar: David Doll
Electric guitar: Marty Wilde
Additional vocals: Roxanne Rizzo Wilde

Interview sources

(1) The Wilde Bunch: Marty's first duet with daughter Kim. Daily Mirror (UK), August 8, 2020