A Little Respect

Song written and originally recorded by Erasure.

Erasure version

The British synthpop duo Erasure released 'A Little Respect' in September 1988 as their tenth single. The single was taken from their album 'The Innocents'. The lyric is an empowering plea to a lover to show compassion and respect.

Kim Wilde version

Kim Wilde performed this song live during her European tour in March/April 2009 and subsequent festival performances in the summer of 2009. She continued to perform the song in 2010 and during the 'Come Out and Play' tour in March 2011. In August 2011 the song was released as a studio recording on Kim's album Snapshots.


There are two versions of 'A Little Respect': the album version and the 'mixed but not mastered' version from the promotional cd of 'Snapshots'.

Live performances

'A Little Respect' was performed live during Kim's 2009 tour, during the Snapshots & Greatest Hits tour in 2012 and during the Christmas gigs in 2013.

Kim about 'A little respect'

'A Little Respect' is a great song by Erasure, Vince Clark and Andy Bell, and I remember it came out in 1988 which was a really important year for me. I had 'Close' out which did really well, and of course I was on tour with Michael Jackson, so it all kindof kicked off that year. Every time I hear this song it just takes me back to that fantastic time in my career. (1)

Andy Bell absolutely loved it and has told us so, so that's one of the reasons why it's on [Pop Don't Stop, the greatest hits compilation]. It was fully endorsed by him and he loves it, so that means the world to us. (2)


Guitars: Bernd Klimpel
Additional vocals: Ricky Wilde & Scarlett Wilde
Produced by Alex G.
Vocal production by Ricky Wilde

Interview source

(1) Track by track commentary, Sony Music, 2011.
(2) Unsung Heroes podcast, 23 July 2021