A Miracle's Coming

Song written by Rick Nowels, Ricky & Kim Wilde. The ninth track of the album Love Is.


'A Miracle's Coming' was not released as a single. However, a playable postcard featuring this track was released in Poland.

Live performances

'A Miracle's Coming' was performed live during Kim's live concerts in Germany in December 1992.

Kim about 'A Miracle's Coming'

Kim: Rick and I sat down just prior to recording the album and decided we wanted to experiment writing with some other writers which we haven't really done an awful lot before, and it actually coincided with an approach from Rick Nowels via MCA, whether we'd be interested in working with him. (...) He came and had a meeting with us and within 14 minutes of actually meeting him in this room we started writing a song and the song was called "A Miracle's Coming", that's one of the tracks we did with him in Los Angeles. (1)


Drums: Curt Bisquera
Keyboards: Charles Judge
Guitar: Rusty Anderson
Bass: John Pierce
Backing vocals: Kim Wilde, Ellen Shipley, Frances Ruffelle, Valerie Mayo Pinkston
Produced and arranged by Rick Nowels
Engineered by Kevin Smith
Assisted by Darian Sahanaja
Additional engineering by John Kovarek
Mixed by Steve MacMilan
Assisted by John Chamberlain

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde talks about her new album "Love is", Promo CD (UK), 1992.