About You Now

Song written by Cathy Dennis and Lukasz Gottwald.

Sugababes version

'About you now' was the lead single for the Sugababes' 2007 album 'Change'. It became the first single to reach number 1 in the UK singles chart on digital downloads alone, although cd-singles were subsequently released. Having sold more than 485,000 copies on the UK alone as of 2011, it ranks as the band's best-selling single.

Kim Wilde version

Kim Wilde recorded a cover of 'About you now' for her 2011 album Snapshots. She subsequently performed the song live in 2012 during the Snapshots & Greatest Hits tour.


There are two versions of 'About You Now': the album verison and the rough demo mix from the promotional cd of 'Snapshots'.

Live performances

'About you now' was performed live during the Snapshots & Greatest Hits tour in 2012.

Kim about 'About You Now'

'About You Now' by the Sugababes is the most recent song that I've covered. I think it's only a few years old. (...) It's just a great pop record, I've always loved girl bands anyway. My mother was in one of the first girl bands in the UK called the Vernons Girls, they were all singing and all dancing.  I remember growing up thinking 'girl bands are very cool'. I love the Supremes, I love the Shangri-las, the Ronettes, and then later in the Eighties, Bananarama and Sister Sledge, you know - girl bands can be very cool. All Saints, I really liked them as well. The Sugababes are really cool. I just love the way they present themselves and it's an old concept, but it's a really potent one. When it's done well it's really exciting and the Sugababes do it with style. (1)


Drums: Paul Kaiser
Guitars: Heiko Fischer
Additional vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, Scarlett Wilde & Lisa Rethwisch
Drums recorded by Manfred Faust @ Gaga Studio, Hamburg
Produced by Alex Rethwisch
Vocal production by Ricky Wilde

Interview source

(1) Track by track commentary, Sony Music, 2011.