Addicted to You

Song written by Sean Vincent, Roxanne Wilde and Ricky Wilde.


‘Addicted to you’ was originally released as the fifteenth track of the download album of Come Out and Play in France.
A new recording of the track appeared on the album Here Come the Aliens.

Live performances

‘Addicted to You’ was performed live in 2017, during concerts in the Netherlands and during the Wilde Wild Xmas Show in December.


Drums: Andrew Murray
Background Vocal: Kim Wilde
Mixed by Bob Kraushaar at Acton Marina, London
Mixing Engineer: Fredrik Thomander
Produced by Andrew Murray


Don’t have to justify myself
Don’t have to do the things you say
And even when you say its wrong
You know I’ll do it anyway

I love it, I need it
This love that I breathe I can feel it within
I love it, I need it

I’m addicted to you, addicted to you now
You’re running through my veins
I’m addicted to you, addicted to you now
And it’s the sweetest pain
I can’t live without it, with you I just need more

It doesn’t take a second glance
For me to see the lust you feel
I mustn’t leave it all to chance
So take it now and fix me good