In music, “Album” is the generic term for tapes, LP’s and/or CD’s. So far, Kim Wilde has released twelve studio albums.

The first three albums, recorded when she was under contract with RAK Records, were called Kim Wilde (released in 1981), Select (1982) and Catch as Catch Can (1983).

In 1984, Kim signed a contract with MCA Records. There she recorded and released six albums: Teases & Dares (1984), Another Step (1986), Close (1988), Love Moves (1990), Love Is (1992) and Now & Forever (1995). Another album was recorded in 1997 and 1998, but never released by MCA Records, which at the time was swallowed up by Universal Records.

In 2006, Kim Wilde signed with EMI Germany to release a new album called Never Say Never.

Four years later, she signed with Starwatch music. Sony Music released Come Out and Play in 2010 and Snapshots in 2011.

In 2013, Kim Wilde released Wilde Winter Songbook on her own Wildeflower Records label.

In 2018, the album Here Come the Aliens was released, followed by Aliens Live in 2019.

MCA and EMI have released many compilation albums. Throughout Kim’s career, over 40 singles were released.