Another Step (Closer to You)

Song written by Kim Wilde and Steve Byrd. Third track of the album Another Step. Kim and Steve decided at an early stage that this song was to be recorded as a duet, and they invited Junior Giscombe to do vocals on this track.
A few months after the release of the album, the song was released as a single.


The track was released as a 7″ single and 12″ single.
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Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single. It was directed by Greg Masuak and recorded in Paris.
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There are four versions of ‘Another Step (Closer to You)’: two album versions, the 7″ version and an extended mix. The two remixes were made by Ricky Wilde.
The original album version appeared on the first LP release of the album ‘Another Step’ and the first Japanese CD of ‘Another step’. On all other CD’s, LP’s and tapes, released in the same year, and the 1987 re-release, the track was slightly remixed and contained some additional sounds.

Live performances

‘Another Step (Closer to You)’ was performed live during the Another Step tour in 1986, during Kim’s live tour in 2009, during the Here & Now Tour 2009, and during the Here Come the Aliens Tour in 2018.
Kim and Junior performed the song live together during the London shows of the Bad Tour in 1988.

Cover versions

‘Another Step (Closer to You)’ has been covered by Lynn Sweet. A version recorded by Junior Giscombe solo also exists.

Ricky Wilde about ‘Another Step (Closer to You)’

When we did the demo of the track, Steve sang the duet with Kim, but wel all felt that it needed more of a soul feel vocally. We chucked a few ideas around and came up with the idea of doing the duet with a great singer by the name of Junior. We phoned him up and asked if he was up for it, and of course he said yes – thankfully.
So Junior came up to the studio and we recorded the song in about three days. It was a great experience, and a great time was had by all. When we recorded the track, none of us realised that it was going to be the next single. When the decision came to be that it was, I decided that, for a single it needed to be ‘beefed’ up a bit. I kept the vocals and a couple of overdubs, but recorded all the rest using a Fairlight. (1)

Kim about ‘Another Step (Closer to You)’

I was surprised when Junior said he’d sing with me on Another Step because he’s a soul singer. This single has a definite rock feel. (2)

It wasn’t a record company ploy at all. It wasn’t like, ‘Oh, we’ll get the two biggest acts from CBS and EMI together’, it was just a matter of finding someone to sing the song with and his name just came up in conversation and I went ‘yeah’. And so it was spontaneous like all duets should be: at least we saw each other when we made the video unlike most people. (3)

When I started teaming up with Steve Byrd, he and I got on really, really well. He was an amazing guitarist, an incredible talent. And we used to have fun writing and ‘Another Step’ really embodied that. I was over the moon when it was a big hit and it encouraged me to carry on writing. (4)


Drums: Matthew Letley
Bass guitar: Gary Twigg
Guitars: Steve Byrd
Fairlight III keyboards: Ricky Wilde
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Engineered by Peter Wade Schwier

Chart performance

Ireland: 6 (8 weeks)
UK: 6 (11 weeks)

Interview sources

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Never, ever felt this way before
You are the one that I’am craving for

Another step nearer your heart
Another step closer to knowing you
Another step nearer your heart
I’m on my way

I never thought it could happen
Being close to someone like you
But you know this isn’t just a minute affair
If we make time and take a lot of care
I love everything about it
There’s such a good feel about it
And I know where I’m gonna be
If you take a step closer to me

I couldn’t even describe it
Though I tried I couldn’t find the words
When you’re stumbling through life
And love is one step away
Do you carry on or do you stay
We’ve got to promise faithfully
To hang on to each other and never leave
That’s the way love’s gonna be
If you take a step closer to me – come on now

The only way to deal with affairs of the heart
You’ve got to jump right in, doesn’t matter who starts
Take a step nearer, come over here
Together we can make it tonight