Another Step (re-release)

In September 1987, MCA Records re-released Kim’s 1986 album Another Step, featuring a more modest sleeve in black and white.


The album is identical to the 1986 version, containing the tracks  You Keep Me Hangin’ On, Hit Him, Another Step (Closer To You), The Thrill Of It, I’ve Got So Much Love, Schoolgirl, Say You Really Want Me, She Hasn’t Got Time For You, Brothers, Missing, How Do You Want My Love, Don’t Say Nothing’s Changed. The cd and tape versions also contain the track Victim.
Three tracks are added on this release: the single versions of Another Step (Closer To You) and Say You Really Want Me, both of which were remixed by Ricki Wilde. The disc also includes an exclusive new Megamix of these two songs with ‘You Keep Me Hangin’ On’, made by Ricki Wilde and James Richards.


The new sleeve design was made by The Leisure Process with photography by Laurie Lewis.


This album was released on LP, tape and CD.
Since the cd version of this re-release contained no less than 16 tracks it clocks in at 68’06, making it the longest cd so far released by Kim, not counting compilation albums.
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Drum programming, drums, percussion: Richard James Burgess
Guitars, backing vocals: Steve Byrd
Keyboards, synths: Guy Fletcher
Synth programming and playing: Paul Fox
Fairlight III programming, keyboards: Reinhold Heil
Guest vocals on ‘Another step’: Junior Giscombe
Drums: Matthew Letley
Keyboards: Danny Sembello
Bass guitar: Gary Twigg
Fairlight III, synths, backing vocals: Ricki Wilde
Drum programmes: Kim Wilde, Pete Schwier
Backing vocals: Don Haywoode, Emmah, Paulette McWilliams, Lisa Fisher, Myrne Smith-Schilling
Brass section: The Kick Horns (Roddy Lorimer, Tim Sanders, Simon Clarke)
Produced by Ricki Wilde, Richard James Burgess, Reinhold Heil, Rod Temperton, Dick Rudolph, Bruce Swedien, Kim Wilde
Recorded and mixed at Select Sound Studios, Knebworth, Larrabee Sound, Los Angeles and Westlake Audio, Los Angeles

Chart performance

This re-release did not chart in the UK. Since it wasn’t released elsewhere, it didn’t chart in other countries either.