The band Archon was founded in 1987 by two German amateur musicians, Axel (guitar) and Ralf (drums). They placed an ad in a local newspaper and Paul Omen contacted them. They were wary of eachothers talents.

Together, they made some music. They then found Dirk, who played keyboards just like Paul. They played together for some time. Then Steve joined the band. His talents were more all-round, but he focused on bass, because that was still missing within the band.

The first songs were written, the band also found a name: it was Paul’s idea to name themselves Archon, after a popular computer game at the time. In 1990 they met Iris. She joined the band as a singer. As a fast learner, she was able to perform all the songs written by Archon over the past few years.

In 1991, Archon released their first album, ‘First moves’. This album contained a cover of Kim Wilde’s Cambodia. This track was subsequently also released as a single.