Birthday Song

Song written by Kim and Ricky Wilde. The song is dedicated to Ricki's daughter Scarlett.


Not included on the album Love is, this track was released as the B-side of the single Love Is Holy. It appeared on the 7" single, the 12" single and the cd-single.
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Live performances

'Birthday song' was performed live during the Perfect Girl Tour in 2007.

Kim about 'Birthday song'

I wrote it for my little niece Scarlett, who is now nearly 18 and I think probably about to join us on stage quite soon. It's a song about finding strength within yourself when life gets really tough, and it's a strength we all have, but sometimes we forget it. It was a message to her as a child, to let her know that as she grew up she could always rely on the voice inside her, to help get her through the tough times. (1)

Interview source

(1) Payshagg talks to Kim Wilde, March 15, 2011