Big Breakfast (the)

From 8 to 12 november 1993, Kim was co-presenter of this Channel 4 breakfast show with Chris Evans. In five two-hour shows, Kim participated in a show which most viewers may classify as “crazy” or “fast-paced”…

The Big Breakfast episodes featuring Kim Wilde as co-presenter:

Before becoming a co-presenter, Kim already appeared on the programme once as a guest, and she would return as a guest a few times after, until the show’s demise on March 29, 2002.

Kim about the Big Breakfast

On Friday 17th September, I screen-tested for (…) The big breakfast. Things went well, and despite my tripping over cables and running out of questions in an interview with a man and his dog, Amber, I was offered the job to co-host with Chris Evans for the week Gaby Roslin went on holiday. This would entail a week of 3.00 am starts, followed by 2 hours of live-TV, including comedy sketches, interviews and general larking around. It sounded hard work, but being a big fan of the show, as well as being Chris Evans’ no. 1 fan, I accepted without hesitation. However, on the 4th and 5th of November, after rehearsing with Chris and the crazy Breakfast crew, I realised I’d really jumped in the deepest end I’ve ever jumped in. In fact, I was so nervous that had someone given me an opportunity to back out, I would have. The show looks very relaxed and fun to the viewer, but to me it was terrifying, and I wondered how I was ever going to coope with the job. Before I had time to have a nervous breakdown the show arrived on November 8th, and for the first time in my life I was a live TV Breakfast show host!
I went on to have one of the most challenging and exciting weeks of my life. I felt I really rose to the occasion, and loved working with Chris and his gang. All the nerves and self doubt flew out the window as I decided to give my very best. (1)

Mum’s always been my biggest fan and she always made me feel much greater than I thought I was. I only did The Big Breakfast after great encouragement from her. I couldn’t do it right up until the camera went on. It was horrendous. I said to Mum: ‘I know you believe in me but you have to understand that everyone has their limitations, and this is mine.’ (2)

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