The first official biography about Kim Wilde was published in 2021: Pop Don’t Stop: A Biography, written by Marcel Rijs. The book was written in 2020, with Kim contributing some new quotes and overseeing the text of the book.

Prior to that, Kim pointed out a few times that she doesn’t keep a diary and that she would not be writing an autobiography.

Kim: I think it’s a great idea but I’m not sure if I can remember most of it. I’ve got a terrible memory. I would like to write a book, maybe not so much autobiographical, but maybe telling stories that kind of express some of the things that have happened to me. I guess making it fiction… So it wouldn’t be like ‘Oh and then I kissed Adam Ant‘, ’cause I did (laughs). But no, I wouldn’t be telling you about that. But you know, I have lots of things I’d like to say about my life and what’s going on and what happened and putting it into some kind of context. Yeah I wanna find a way to do that but I’m sure that will become obvious as time goes by. Because I love writing. (1)

Kim: I am starting to feel like I want to write. But not so much like specifically about me and then I met someone and then I did this and then that happened. But more fiction. Placing those experiences within another context. I think I could say more and be more truthful, actually, in that way. (2)

Interview sources

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