Campbell, Ali

Born 15 February 1959, Ali Campbell is an English singer and songwriter. He joined the original line-up of UB40 when it was founded in 1978 in Birmingham. Taking their name from the Unemployment Benefit form 40, referring to the unemployment claim form at the time. Featuring the same line-up for thirty years, they released 50 singles and 30 albums with considerable international success. They sold over 60 million records worldwide, toured across the globe. One of their biggest hits was the song I Got You Babe, which reached number one in the UK and the Netherlands. Kim Wilde performed this song live with Ali Campbell at ‘Stars of Europe’ on 24 March 2007; a concert organised for the 50th birthday of the European Union.

In January 2008, it was reported that Campbell was to quit the group after almost 30 years. Campbell intended to concentrate on his solo work.

On 3 March 2008, Ali Campbell performed live at London’s Royal Albert Hall. Kim Wilde was one of his guests, and they sang ‘I Got You Babe’ together once again.