Can You Come Over

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Eighth track of the album Select. Due to time pressure, this particular track was recorded at the Wilde’s home not long before finalizing the album. The backing harmonies were sung by Kim and her mother.

Marty about ‘Can you come over’

This is a pop song, and the thing I will always remember about this song was that most of the vocals were recorded in Kim’s bedroom in her own house. What had happened was that we were behind in making the album, and we had to use the RAK Mobile, which is a great long lorry which has been converted into a recording studio, giving it great mobility. We parked it in the bottom of our garden and ran all the cables into our house and parts of the song were recorded in the hallway of our house, in Kim’s bedroom and in our dining room at very odd hours in the morning. What a strange lot Pop people are! (1)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Fanclub Magazine vol. 2, no. 3


Darlin’, oh oh oh, can you come over
Oh oh oh, can you come over
Meet me tonight

I’ve been sitting here alone
Looking down this telephone
Thinking things I’d really love to say to you

Oh, it’s true
I can’t get enough of how you love
That’s the truth, I swear to you

Can you come over, can you come over
Think of what we could do
If you decide to, if you’re alive to
What I want from a guy like you

Darlin’, can you come over
Can you come over
Meet me tonight

Watching movies on TV
Never does a thing for me
I get bored just living here and hanging ’round
Toss a coin, it’s heads or tails
If I run a bath or do my nails
What’s it really matter when I’m far away from you

If you come over, if you come over
I could be good for you
Wouldn’t you please me, it could be easy
Just stay here for a night or two

Darlin’, can you come over
Can you come over – meet me tonight

I’m the girl who waits for you
I’m the girl who needs you too
I’m the girl who wants you tonight

Darlin’, can you come over
Can you come over
Meet me tonight

…Get you tonight