Chiswick Maternity Hospital

Originally a small hospital which backed on to the Chiswick Soap Works in Burlington Lane, in 1911 Mr. Dan Mason, owner of the Soap and Polish factory purchased Rothbury House on Chiswick Mall. In 1912 the building opened as a general hospital. By 1919 more than 40 beds remained in the hospital. The last patient was admitted in 1935. In 1936, the hospital was knocked down and rebuilt as Chiswick Maternity Hospital, which opened in 1939. Many celebrities were born in this small hospital, including Ian Gillan from Deep Purple and, in November 1960, Kim Wilde. Between 1943 and 1975 many more people were born in this hospital, which at its peak had over 50 beds.

Between 1975 and the early Eighties, the hospital was used as a hostel for medical students. Then, financial troubles seemed to put an end to the hospital. It had become run down and more than £1 million was needed to put it back into order. The local authorities didn’t want to spend this much on the building and instead decided to sell it for between £500,000 and £800,000.

After the sale, in 1987, the hospital became a haven for older people with mental illnesses. It was renamed Chiswick Lodge Hospital and stayed in business until the beginning of this century. In 2009, the building was finally knocked down as a result of a decision process that took several years.