Christmas Fantasia

Song written by Marty Wilde.
Recorded in 2020 with Roxanne Wilde on lead vocals and Marty and Kim Wilde on backing vocals. It features Brian Bennett on drums.
The song was inspired by Marty’s childhood memories of Disney Fantasia


‘Christmas Fantasia’ was released as a digital download and on a promotional CD-single.

Music video

The music video was directed by Hal & Rose Fowler and edited by Sean Vincent. It features Marty, Kim and Roxanne dressed as elves.

Marty Wilde about ‘Christmas Fantasia’

It’s been such a tough year for everyone, and family and song are the two joys that I felt I could gift to people everywhere. After these isolating pandemic months, I felt it was time for me to step up and bring my own sprinkling of Christmas joy with ‘Christmas Fantasia’. It’s all there, sleigh bells, the festive message and the angelic voice of our beautiful daughter, Roxanne, who duets with me on this. You’ll hear the vocals of our little helper, Kim, on there too. Celebrating my 8 decades in music, I went back 80 years to when I was young, World War II restricted people back then, including the distribution of movies & live entertainment. As we face COVID restrictions, I saw a mirroring of now and then, and how the magical hope that Disney’s Fantasia brought to us all (despite WWII restrictions), was a symbol of hope and happiness. ‘Christmas Fantasia’ was conceived from that memory. Roxanne, Kim and I wanted to remind everyone that restricted times can still have pockets of magic, joy and music. That happiness and smiles can still be found, no matter what our hardships are. I’m delighted that my good pal, Brian Bennett, was able to help out on the production of this track. Happy Christmas everyone. (1)

Interview source

(1) Marty Wilde releases first ever Christmas single in 8 decades., 7 December 2020.