During her career, clothes have been an unintentional image factor for Kim. While she was wearing what she wanted to wear, press often took that as a deliberate move to influence her image. From the leather-look in the early eighties to the flimsy shirts in the mid-nineties, Kim has always been in charge of what she liked to wear.

Well… almost. The outfit for the Teases & Dares era (pictured here) was more or less a mistake, she admitted.

One of Kim’s favorite pieces, a beaded dress which she bought in America, was a treasured possession until she sold it at an auction in 2020.

The dress she wore for the sleeve of the Love Is album was auctioned at the Fan Meeting in 1996.

The black and white top which Kim wore in 1981 was given away as a prize for a competition by the fanclub. Kim admitted later that she would really want to have that one back, but no serious attempts have been made to do so.