Comic Relief

Comic Relief was established in the UK in 1986 by a group of people who work in comedy, with the intention to use their own skills to raise funds for giving help to victims of famine in Ethiopia and Sudan. In the first year a total of over one million UK pounds was raised through three projects, being the “Living doll” record by Cliff Richard and the Young Ones, a Comic Relief Live show, including performances by top comedy stars such as Rowan Atkinson and Lenny Henry and live performances by Howard Jones and Kate Bush, and a Christmas book.
The money raised was spent on emergency work in Africa, some long-term projects in the area, and charity projects in the United Kingdom.
Kim Wilde and Mel Smith were asked in 1987 to record a version of the Christmas song Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree as part of the second Comic Relief fundraising year. Even more money was raised that year, and the amount of raised money has continued to rise eversince. Comic Relief has become an annual event, televised by the BBC (English TV) on evening-long television fundraising marathons. The need for money still continues, as do the projects supported by this money.