Donovan, Jason

Born June 1, 1968 in Australia, Jason Donovan started his carreer in the mid-80's when he accepted the part of Scott Robinson in the Australian daily soapserie "Neighbours". He played alongside Kylie Minogue, who played the part of Charlene Ramsey. They left the series after 4,5 years, to pursue singing careers.
Both Kylie and Jason were contracted by the producerstrio Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Jason launched his carreer when he sang a duet with Kylie, who had already had a few hit singles in 1988.
This duet, called "Especially for you", stormed the charts worldwide in the spring of 1989, and paved the way for a successful solo carreer for Jason. He enjoyed many top 10 hits in the United Kingdom, including charttoppers like "Too many broken hearts", "All around the world", "Any dream will do" and "Sealed with a kiss", a cover of the Bobby Vinton song.
After three albums and one greatest hits compilation Jason decided to focus on acting and performing in musicals. He performed in films like "Shadows of the heart", "Blood oath" and "Rough diamonds", and the musicals "Camelot", "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and "The Rocky Horror Show".

Jason sang a duet with Kim Wilde for an anniversary show for Amnesty International called "The big 30" on December 28, 1991. They performed the track Harvest for the world together.