Daho, Etienne

Etienne Daho was born January 14, 1957 in Oran (Algeria). He released his first album in 1981 ‘Mythomanes’. The album sold only 3000 copies. Then Virgin releases ‘La Note, La Note’ in 1984, ‘Pop Satori’ in 1986 (recorded in London), ‘Pour nos vies Martiennes’ in 1988, ‘Paris Ailleurs’ in 1991 and ‘Eden’ in 1996. Daho finds himself more popular with every album, obtaining many gold records.
He makes many tours especially in 1989 where he gives a concert in Paris (Zenith) and in London (Marquee) and in 1992/93 (60 concerts through 14 countries). He even participates in Top of the Pops with the song ‘He’s on the Phone’.
Etienne Daho is one of Kim’s favourite French artists. In 1988, they presented a TV show together for MTV Europe.

Kim about Etienne Daho

His music really excites me. The first time I saw him was in France when we were both doing a TV show with lots of other acts. I watched him doing a couple of songs and the first thing that attracted me was his cute little dance and his cute little jeans and I thought he was as horny as hell. I stood by the side of the stage thinking “My God, this guy’s so cute” and I began filming him with my little movie camera and I found I was zooming further and further in. Subsequently I’ve constantly listened to his music – I’ve bought seven-inches, 12-inches, compact discs – everything he’s got out – and I think he’s so under-rated. I bumped into Richard Branson last week and bent his ear about why his record company [Virgin] isn’t doing enough to promote Etienne over here. (1)

Interview source

(1) Shrink rap. Melody Maker (UK), 2 May 1987