DJ Professor

DJ Professor is a DJ and remixer (real name : Luca Lauri) who worked alone (he remixed tracks by Cappella, Sharada House Gang and 49ers) or in collaboration with other artists, such as Cristian Piccinelli and Francesco Zappalà.

‘Rockin’ Me’ was a very original track using the Cappella style and adding electric guitars. Not surprising, the team from Media Records was as usual behind this project: G. Bortolotti, M. Picotto, G.P. Viani, S. Zucchini, L.Cittadini, M.Braghieri, S.Pagliari were credited.

A track called ‘Life is life’ associated DJ Professor and Sharada House Gang, another Media Records project was published in 1991.

In 1994, DJ Professor remixed Kim Wilde’s Kids in America 1994, providing the X Club Dub and the X Cut Cut. The X Club Dub was released in 1994, but was mistakenly included on a promotional 12″ single twice. The X Cut Cut was released almost three decades later, on the 5CD+2DVD box set of Pop Don’t Stop: Greatest Hits.