Dream Sequence

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Fifth track of the album Catch as Catch Can. In the last verse of the song, Kim’s younger sister Roxanne is mentioned.

During the Snapshots & Greatest Hits Tour, the intro from ‘Dream Sequence’ was used at the start each concert, supported by video images from Kim’s childhood.


There are three versions of ‘Dream Sequence’: the album version, the instrumental demo and the ‘In Reverse’ version.

Cover versions

There are no cover versions of ‘Dream Sequence’, but there is an alternate version of the track called Shadows Across the Floor.

Ricky about Dream sequence

I was really just experimenting with a new synth I had just acquired, a Roland Jupiter 8, and it all came amazingly quickly. I wanted it to sound as different to a Kim Wilde track as possible, so it kindof turned out to be a little ‘out there’ but we loved writing and recording it.


Drums: Trevor Murrell
Keyboards, bass, guitar, Linn programmes, synclavier, backing vocals: Ricky Wilde
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Engineer: Pete Schwier, Will Gosling, Simon Schofield, Keith Fernley


“Goodnight. Rox, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Shadows across the floor
Memories fading in
Voices are far away
Now it can all begin

“New York are on the phone
They want you here today”
“Was it a fashion show?”
“Sorry they wouldn’t say”

There’s a world full of dreams
Lying on a pillow
There’s a world no-one knows
Wrapped up in her mind
(It’s all imagination)

Now she is back in school
(It’s the revolution)
Staring at broken glass
(Do what we want you to)
Flicking the flies away
(Total autonomy)
Watching the trains go past

Fighting the Indian war
Cochise is closing in
Now she can touch his face
Riding so close to him

There’s a world full of dreams
Lying on a pillow
There’s a world no-one’s seen
Living in her mind

Sailing across a sea
Images on a screen
Watching the boats go by
Red merging into green

Roxanne don’t run away
(You’ve been naughty girl)
I told you not to go
(Stay in the garden)
Why do you run away?
Mommy will worry so

“That’s right, this was all their land – right across the horizon, as far as you can see. Well, they were made to move on to other areas. Why? Well, I suppose ‘cos we were stronger, and we wanted the land. No, I know it doesn’t make it right. That’s how it was.”