Every Time I See You I Go Wild

Song written by Stevie Wonder, Sylvia Moy and Henry Moy.

Stevie Wonder version

Stevie Wonder, who wrote this song together with Cosby and Moy, recorded this song on this eighth studio album 'I Was Made to Love Her' (1967).

Kim Wilde version

Kim Wilde recorded a cover version of this track together with Martyn Ware and Glenn Gregory for their B.E.F. project and its third album Dark. On 15 October 2011, they performed this track live for the first time as part of the concert 'B.E.F. presents Music of Quality & Distinction' at the Roundhouse in London. (On 3 and 4 October 2013, the track was performed live again in London and Sheffield, respectively.) On 27 May 2013, the album 'Dark' was released with Kim Wilde's version of 'Every Time I See You I Go Wild' as track 1.

Music video

A music video was made to promote the track, starring Kim dressed in a black suit as a sexy vampire slayer.
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There are nine different versions of the track: The album version, an edit of the album version and an instrumental version of the album version, a radio edit, an Echoes full length remix (8'35), an Echoes remix (3'23) and an edit of the Echoes remix (2'53), a Black Asteroid remix and a Black Asteroid instrumental remix.


'Every Time I See You I Go Wild' was released as a single. It was available as a digital download only, however a promotional cd-single also exists.
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Martyn Ware about 'Every Time I See You I Go Wild'

'Every Time I See You I Go Wild' is an arrangement masterpiece created entirely on Roland System 100 by my collaborator Brian Duffy from Modfied Toy Orchestra, featuring a stunning reinterpretation by Kim Wilde - kind of music noir. (1)

Ah... Kim Wilde. What a beautiful woman. Always had a bit of a crush on her, to be honest. From the point of view of the music on this, I became obsessed with quite a few Northern Soul of that particular time, always loved soul anyway. I love the idea of taking Northern Soul flavoured tracks and slowing them down and forcing a reinterpretation of the lyrics and in this particular instance we decided to make this quite 'noir'. I asked a friend of mine... 'Electro noir' is better I think... I asked a friend of mine Brian Duffy, who'd just bought a Roland System 100, which is one of the first synths we ever owned as the Human League, and was responsible for things like 'Being boiled', I asked him if he'd be interested in doing an arrangement of this track, since it was a new toy for him. What he came back with was about a 100 different monophonic tracks, almost symphonically arranged, which blew me away completely. The sounds are absolutely beautiful on this track and I have nothing but respect and admiration for the job he did on this. So all the credit really goes to him, apart from the mix of course and the vocals. Kim's vocals on this are staggeringly brilliant. I honestly believe it could well be her best ever performance. And several people have mentioned this to me that they believe this is the case as well. (2)

Kim about 'Every Time I See You I Go Wild'

Now at last I get to work on a B.E.F. project, how fantastic! The Stevie Wonder track Martyn sent was unknown to me, but I've always been a huge Stevie fan, both Martyn and I are really excited with the result of 'I go wild'. A fantastic night at the Roundhouse in Camden last year showcased the new B.E.F. project 'Dark' for the first time, with an array of wonderful artistes coming together under one vision. I am so proud to be part of the continuing B.E.F. story. (1)

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