Evans, Chris

Born in Warrington, England (UK) on 1 April 1966. British presenter of TV and radio programmes. Evans started his broadcasting career at Piccadilly Radio in Manchester. He went on to work at the BBC London radio station GLR presenting Round at Chris’s every Saturday morning and also presented a Monday to Thursday evening show broadcast from 7.30 to 10pm.

In 1990, his weekday evening show ended, but he continued with his Saturday morning show and in addition to that, in early 1992, began presenting a Sunday afternoon show on BBC Radio 1, replacing Phillip Schofield who had previously broadcast in the slot. His move to Radio 1 was shortlived but seen as a huge success. His departure from Radio 1 was in part so he could devote present a new Channel 4 breakfast programme The Big Breakfast in late 1992. Evans, along with co-host Gaby Roslin, was an unqualified success in the slot, which brought him national celebrity and considerable acclaim.
Kim met Chris Evans when she was asked to present The Big Breakfast in November 1993, filling in for Roslin. This led to a six week relationship.
Since then, Chris has had a successful career as a radio presenter. He married former pop star Billie Piper in Las Vegas in May 2001. In September 2004 news stories circulated regarding a trial separation. In spring 2005 it was confirmed that Evans and Piper would divorce. Evans has a daughter, Jade (born 1986) from a previous relationship.

After a difficult time in his professional life – losing a lawsuit against Virgin radio after repeatedly failing to arrive at work – Evans joined Radio 2 on a permanent basis in September 2005, to present a weekly Saturday afternoon show from 2pm-5pm. The show was well received by listeners and critics, and Evans was announced as the successor to Radio 2’s Drivetime show to succeed long-time host Johnnie Walker, beginning on April 18, 2006.His arrival caused the show to lose listeners at first, but increasing in later months.

Evans took over Radio 2’s Breakfast show on 11 January 2010, after Terry Wogan retired. Kim appeared in this show on November 8, 2013, singing four songs, two of them together with another guest on this show, Cliff Richard. She appeared on the show again on July 27, 2018 for an interview after the release of the single Birthday.

Kim about Chris Evans

What I really like about Chris is that he’s down-to-earth. But our relationship became very public. I’ve never been comfortable with the public side of my life and being with Chris made it worse. Chris and I are quite alike in that we’re very private people. He is quite shy and doesn’t like going into a roomful of people and I’m the same. It’s okay when you’re in front of a camera but with Chris there was a certain craziness about the whole thing which I didn’t like. And I was working a lot, too. I’m not a great girlfriend – I’m very independent and don’t like having my wings clipped. Anyone would have to take all that on if they stayed with me. (1)

It was an intense relationship and had a profound effect on both of us. Actually, it was made out to be rather trite (by the press – MR), suggesting six weeks is nothing when six weeks can be a lifetime sometimes. But that’s okay, we know what it was all about.
So, if it was so intense, why didn’t it last?
Well, I can’t go into that. All I know is that sometimes two people meet and have a profound effect on each other, and it can be years before they understand why. The world works in very mysterious, very wonderful ways. Through meeting him lots of things changed for me – a lot of attitudes to myself, about my work and a whole number of things. Meeting him has been great, it’s been great to have him in my life, and I don’t regret it at all. I’ll have a lot of respect and time for him always. (2)

Is it true that some of the stories about women in the tabloids were actually stunts got up to publicise the Big Breakfast?
Chris Evans: You mean Kim? Kim and I went out properly together and we had a lovely time and it was not a publicity stunt. I think it’s unfortunate that they get reported at all, so why would I do it as a publicity stunt? It’s a bind because, you know, me and Kim, it might have been all right if we’d been left alone. (3)

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