Fit In

Song written by Kim Wilde. Fourth track of the album Teases & Dares. Along with Shangri-La this was one of the first two self-penned songs that were released. Not too confident about her own songwriting abilities at first, she apparently had been writing two years before releasing her first two own compositions.

Live performances

'Fit in' was performed live during the Rage to Rock Tour in 1985 only.

Kim about Fit In

'Fit in' was inspired by my neighbours banging on the ceiling when I was playing a Frankie Goes to Hollywood 12 inch single!!!!! (1)

'Fit in' is very concrete. I describe the irritation I had with my neighbours in my appartment in London. In the beginning we got along great, they always knocked on my door. In the beginning I thought they wanted my autograph, but the opposite was true: they were angry because I made too much noise with my music, while friends came late and night and left early in the morning. I believe everyone who lives alone for the first time goes through this kind of thing. (2)

Drums: Chris North
Fender Jazz Bass: Gary Twigg
Fender Stratocaster: Steve Byrd
Yamaha DX7, Solina: Kim Wilde
Arranged and produced by Kim Wilde.
Engineer: Nigel Mills with thanks to Stephen Stewart-Short and Pete Schwier.

Interview sources

(1) Kim Wilde Fan Club News, volume 3 no. 4
(2) Snapshot In: Popcorn (Germany), November 1984