Forgive Me

Song written by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen, Gena Wernik & Kim Wilde.
Fourth track on the album Never Say Never.

Live performances

'Forgive me' was only performed live once, during a concert in Berlin on 2 September 2006.

Kim about 'Forgive me'

Kim: It was the song itself. I think 'Forgive Me' required - the part that (Roxanne) sang was the voice of a planet. So how do you find the voice for a planet? I would say there's an innocence to her voice, a naivety but a strength as well. I felt she had the perfect voice for the part that talked back to humanity. She has all the innocence and what is beautiful about our planet but she's got a lot of strength as well. She spoke for our planet (laughs). She sings for our planet. She does it beautifully. I don't think anyone else could have sung it. (1)


Guitars: Jörg Sander
'Reason' programming: Gena Wernik
Keys & programming: Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen
Guitars: T. Hahn
Additional vocals: Roxanne Wilde
Additional keyboards: N. Priessnitz
Produced by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen & Gena Wernik

Interview source

(1) A date with Kim Wilde: the 'Never say never' interview (transcript), 2006