Fletcher, Guy

Born 25 May 1960 in Maidstone, Kent (UK), Guy Fletcher was born into a musical family and is the namesake of his uncle, Guy Fletcher, who wrote several hit songs for other artists with composing partner Doug Flett. Whilst learning a trade as an audio engineer at DJM Studios in London at the age of 15, Fletcher also had a succession of his own bands and learned to play keyboards, guitars and other stringed instruments. He joined and toured with Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel in 1979 and in 1981, Roxy Music for their ‘Avalon’ world tour. In 1983, Fletcher was recruited by Dire Straits’ lead guitarist Mark Knopfler to work on the music for the films ‘Cal’ and ‘Comfort and Joy’. He joined Dire Straits in 1984, a year before their most successful album, ‘Brothers in Arms’, which put the band in a globally acclaimed spotlight.

In 1986, Fletcher co-produced Belouis Some’s self-titled album with Gary Langan. He also played keyboards on the track Brothers for Kim Wilde.

After Dire Straits disbanded, Fletcher continued to be associated with almost every single piece of work concerning Mark Knopfler’s solo career, the band’s former lead singer and guitarist. Between July and August, 2005, Fletcher completed a world tour with Mark Knopfler, promoting Knopfler’s latest solo album, ‘Shangri-La’.

Fletcher’s first solo album, ‘Inamorata’, was released in January 2008. It was followed by the albums ‘Stone’ (2009) and ‘Natural Selection’ (2010). His most recent album ‘High Roads’ was released in 2016.

Fletcher is a multi-instrumentalist, playing keyboard and several string instruments, including guitars. Also record producer and engineer. Owner of the studio A-Bay.