Language that is spoken in France and its former colonies, as well as parts of Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland.
Presenters of French television programs always ask their questions in that well-known fluent French language, which always seems to confuse the hell out of Kim…

Kim about French

French is a language I was taught from primary school, so I find it easier to pick up on than other languages. I’ve always been trying to speak better French, although I understand more French than I am able to speak. (1)

I’m learning French anyway, cause I love the language. I learnt it since I was seven years old. But, you know, quand je suis a Paris je parle tout le temps avec les gens. J’essaie parler pour le plus part de temps. Et ma Francais est meilleur et meilleur, je crois. (…) La langue Francaise est comme musique, je pense.
(Translation: But, you know, when I am in Paris I always talk with the people. I try to speak French most of the time. And I think my French gets better and better. (…) The French language is like music, I think.) (2)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Fanclub Magazine vol. 9, no. 4, Summer 1990
(2) RAD (MCM (France), November 1992)