Greatest Journey

Song written by Kim Wilde and Ricky Wilde. Duet with Glenn Gregory from Heaven 17. Fourth track on the album Come Out and Play. Kim has never performed this song live, but the intro of the song was used as the introduction theme for her concerts in spring 2011, during the Come Out and Play Tour.

Kim about 'Greatest Journey'

I wrote this song together with my brother Ricky. We talked for a long time about things like the universe, spirituality and the meaning of life and came to the conclusion that this long journey can not simply come to an end when one leaves the world. Glenn Gregory of Heaven has 17 assisted us musically. Ricky and I are huge fans, we were ecstatic when he came into the studio to record the song with us. (1)


Guitars: Ricky Wilde, Neil Jones
Keys: Ricky Wilde, Andrew Murray
Bass: Andrew Murray
Drums: Jonathan Atkinson, Andrew Murray
Backing Vocals: Angie Brown, Glenn Gregory, Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, Scarlett Wilde
Mixed by Jeremy Wheatley
Produced by Ricky Wilde & Andrew Murray

Interview sources

(1) Kim Wilde: Comeback of a power woman - Come out and play interview. In: Vip-Chicks website (Germany), August 17, 2010