Hey! You!

Song written by Kim Wilde, Fredrik Thomander and Anders Wikström. Seventh track on the album Come Out and Play.

Kim about 'Hey! You!'

Come out and play" is a line in this song, but also the backbone for the entire album and hence the title of the album. I wanted, namely, that each and every song works live or on the stage. (1)

Live performances

'Hey! You!' was performed live during the Come Out and Play Tour in 2011 only.


Keyboards & additional programming: René Munk Thalund
Guitars: Neil Jones, Kristian Riis
Programming, percussion: Carsten Heller
Backing Vocals: Fredrik Thomander, Anders Wikström, Kim Wilde
Mixed by Bob Kraushaar at Acton Marina, London
Produced by Carsten Heller

Interview sources

(1) Kim Wilde: Comeback of a power woman - Come out and play interview. In: Vip-Chicks website (Germany), August 17, 2010