Hayes, Calvin

Born on 23 November 1962 as the son of Mickie Most, Calvin Hayes was drummer on Kim Wilde’s first self-titled album. They remained good friends eversince.
When Calvin joined the band Johnny Hates Jazz he asked Kim to perform backing vocals on their song Turn Back the Clock, which she did. She even performed the song along with Johnny hates Jazz in the BBC TV programme Wogan.

In 1988 the relationship between Calvin and Kim was reported to have evolved into love, and Kim in fact confirmed that she was in love with Calvin in various magazines. Rumours that Calvin Hayes was to marry Kim Wilde in 1989 soon proved to be unfounded. Some sources even stated that Calvin spread the rumour himself in an attempt to save his band. This attempt failed, because Johnny Hates Jazz collapsed soon after the release of their second album, which by the way also contained some backing vocals by Kim.

Kim about Calvin Hayes

I’ve known Calvin since I recorded ‘Kids in America’, so more than seven years. We got involved at a family party, because Calvin is a good friend of my brother Ricky. (1)

We have fallen for each other totally. I can tell everybody that it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. I have never really liked talking about my love life but there have been so many rumours about me recently that I decided it was best to get it all out in the open. We always got on well, ever since he played drums in my first band seven years ago. And that’s why our love affair is stronger than most couples. We KNOW that we have got a lot in common. I think that’s why we both know it will last. (2)

The split coincided with my album being unsuccessful. I lost all motivation then. And I think the most important thing at that point in my life was there wasn’t really a balance. Whereas now if anything bad happens, whatever it might be, there’s an equilibrium and I can deal with it. Hitting 30 was also a difficult time for me. I’d been in the business ten years and it felt like a long time. (3)

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