Heart over mind

Song written by David Munday, Sandy Stewart, John Hall & Nick Whitecross. The eighth track of the album Love Is. It was released as a single in the UK to little chart success.


The single was released on 7″ single, cassette single and two CD-singles.
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Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single. It was directed by Howard Greenhalgh.
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Kim about ‘Heart over mind’

‘Heart over mind’ was a song that was sent just as we thought we’d finished the album, hence 11 tracks, and you know my brother and I were very happy the way the album was sounding and then Rick Nowels sent over some songs and it was amongst some songs he sent. It was written by Sandy Stewart who I’d met in Los Angeles and David Munday, who luckily for us was living in Hampstead in London. So he came and re-created what he had done on the demo which was amazing he’s an incredible piano player, well just musician really, a very talented guy. (1)


Drums: Geoff Dugmore
Keyboards and programming: Ricky Wilde, David Munday
Guitar: David Munday
Backing vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, David Munday
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Engineered by Stephen Streater
Mixed by Peter Schwier and Ricky Wilde

Highest chart positions

United Kingdom: 34 (3 weeks)

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde talks about her new album “Love is”, Promo CD (UK), 1992


You say this love is a prison
The door’s open wide, you know
You can stay or you can go
Make up you mind
I say this love is forever
And I don’t know why we cry
When we can build a mountain high

And all this time we take up
We analyse every word and every move
You sleep on it
I’ll wake up
I’ll wake up, feelin’ what I always do yeah

Heart over mind
Say love
Say love
Say love, this time

You say this love is a dead end
A road going nowhere, but oh
You can always choose another road
I say that this one is paved with god
How can I ever – how can I make you understand

That all these nights we stay divided
We pull apart everything that makes us strong
Why don’t you try?
Why don’t you fight it?
You can think about it, think about it all day long, but

Heart over mind
Say love
Say love
Say love, this time

(Heart over mind)

Cos love breaks down all walls
No matter how high, they all will fall

Ooh baby, really miss you
Ooh baby, I want to be with you

Heart over mind
Say love
Say love
Say love, this time