Hey Mister Snowman

Song written by Kim Wilde. Eleventh track of the album Wilde Winter Songbook.

Music video

The music video was directed by Sean Vincent.
It features Kim, Scarlett, Rose, Neil Jones and Jessica, all together in a car.

Live performances

‘Hey Mister Snowman’ was performed live during Christmas concerts in December 2013, December 2014 and December 2015 and during the Wilde Wild Xmas Show in December 2017.

Cover versions

Selma recorded a German version of ‘Hey Mister Snowman’ as ‘Hey Lieber Schneeman’.

Kim about Hey mister Snowman

This was the last song written for the album. I woke up very early one morning with the whole song in my head, and sneaked downstairs to write it all down on my computer before I forgot anything. I have always been a big fan of the Andrews Sisters, loving their tight and clever harmony work, often injected with a large helping of humor. I sang the song over breakfast to my children Harry and Rose that same morning…they both exchanged worried glances. Neil Jones has again created a sublime guitar solo, and Scarlett Wilde cleverly takes on some very challenging harmony work. Sounds easy… it isn’t! (1)


Additional vocals: Scarlett Wilde
Bass, keys, acoustic guitar & additional vocals: Ricky Wilde
Drums & percussion: Jonathan Atkinson
Guitars: Neil Jones
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Recorded at RAK Studios, London
Mixed by Ricky Wilde & Sean Vincent at RAK Studios, London
Engineered by Sean Vincent, assisted by Robbie Nelson & Helen Atkinson

Interview source

(1) Track by track, Kimwilde.com website (UK), 11 November 2013


Hey mister Snowman,
Lend me your ear,
There’s things I need to talk about I want you to hear,
I’m feeling kind of sad,
And I could do with some cheer,
I said Hey mister Snowman,
Lend me your ear.

Hey mister Snowman,
Lend me your eyes,
I don’t like what I see when I am looking through mine,
And maybe while you’re at it, you could lend me your mind,
I said Hey mister Snowman,
Lend me your eyes.

I wrote a list to Santa,
Like I do every year,
I know he’s kinda busy but you’d think he would hear,
Cos everything I ask him seems to fall on deaf ears,
So I guess that’s what I’m doing here.

I said Hey mister Snowman,
Lend me your heart,
There’s one here that is broken, so I need a new part,
Yours can’t be any colder,
Won’t you give me a start,
I said Hey mister Snowman,
Lend me your heart.

So I said Hey mister Snowman,
Thanks for your time,
I’m feeling so much better now what’s yours is now mine,
Now life is looking rosy
and I’m feeling just fine,
I said Hey mister Snowman,
Hey mister Snowman,
Hey mister Snowman,
I really, really love ya mister Snowman