I Am an Astronaut

Song written by Marty Wilde and Peter Shelley.
It was Ricky Wilde's debut single in 1972. Ricky's sister Kim sang backing vocals on this track. Although the single didn't reach the chart in the UK, it was a minor success in Scandinavia.

Cover versions

Already in 1973 a cover version in Norwegian was recorded by the Norwegian child stars Anne Mette Torp and Anicken Loken, entitled 'Jeg er en astronaut'. Torp also recorded the song in Swedish as 'Jag Är en Astronaut'.
Also in 1973, Dutch child star Little Rockin' Rudy recorded 'Ik Ben een Astronaut', a Dutch translation that was also recorded by the Dutch children's choir De Waagzangertjes in 1974.
In 1976, Czechoslovakian singer Jaromír Mayer released 'Nemám Se Zkrátka Prát', a translated cover version of the song.
In 1985, Linus Wahlgren in Sweden recorded 'Jag Är en Astronaut' in Swedish. |
The Swedish rockband Charta 77 recorded an English-language cover in 1988.
The Swedish band Highway Stars released a cover version as the B-side of their 1993 single 'Leader of the gang'. A live version appeared on their album 'Live', released the same year.
Another cover in English was recorded in 2006 by the band Snow Patrol, as their contribution to the charity album 'Colours Are Brighter'. It was later also released as a B-side to their single 'Open Your Eyes'.
In 2007, Linus Wahlgren's nephew Benjamin recorded a new version of the Swedish cover version.
On December 24, 2014, a YouTube video was released by Benji and the Astronauts, covering 'I Am an Astronaut'. The video featured guest appearances by Jeff Wayne and Alan Parsons.
In 2017, Marty Wilde performed a version of his own song on his album 'Songs for Your Children and Grandchildren'.

Kim about I Am an Astronaut

I sang backing vocals on 'I am an astronaut', I think, and some of the early stuff he did when he was making records as a kid. (1)

Chart position

Sweden: 3 (5 weeks)

Interview source

(1) Kim answers fan questions - A Wilde Life Exclusive! Wilde Life website, July 21, 2007