I Drove All Night

Song written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly for Roy Orbison. Orbison first recorded the song in 1987, but his rendition was not released until 1992.

Before that, Cyndi Lauper recorded the song for her third album, 'A Night to Remember' (1989). Lauper said she wanted to do it because she liked the idea "of a woman driving, of a woman in control." Notable in her catalogue for the striking use of a lower vocal register, it has become one of Lauper's most performed and well-known tracks.

The song has been covered by Pinmonkey (2002), Céline Dion (2003), and Becca (2008). John Waite recorded the song in 1986-87 while recording tracks for the CD Rovers Return but decided not to release it.

On July 3, 2008, Kim Wilde performed the song live on the occasion of a concert to open the Wilkinson American Movie Day in Brussels (Belgium). She performed the track as a duet with Belgian singer Born Crain.