In Hollywood

Song written by Kim Wilde and Tony Swain. The ninth track of the album Love Moves. It features Jaki Graham on backing vocals.

Kim about ‘In Hollywood’

 ‘In Hollywood’ was inspired by when I was in Japan and I was constantly watching CNN – CNN, dear me – because I had a lot of time in my hotel room, you know, and there was all this stuff about Tyson and Givens and they were in a sort of battle around their divorce and their personal relationship. A ridiculous scenario, to have Robin Givens’ mother on there and I just thought it can only happen in Hollywood, you know. Terrible place to have a relationship. So really that song is about that. (1)


Keyboards & programming: Ricky Wilde, Tony Swain
Percussion: Danny Cummings
Backing vocals: Jaki Graham
Produced by Ricky Wilde
Engineered by Jimmy Jazz
Assisted by Stephen Streater
Mixed by Ricky Wilde and Jimmy Jazz

Interview source

(1) Kim Wilde Special, Nordic Channel (Sweden), 26 September 1990


Divorce – law courts
Lawyers in their new sports car
Lots of money spent
The public making judgement

He said – she said
Analyse the news you’ve read
Irresistible – the updates unmissable
Fighting – uniting
The press are busy writing
They analyse the word called love
But what can they be thinking of ?

They say that love means the same
All over the world
But I don’t think so
Let me tell you something
I think you should know

Don’t fall in love (in Hollywood)
It won’t fell like you know it should (in Hollywood)
An you can bet it won’t do ya no good
It’s just not understood
I said

Scheming – screaming
This time you’re gonna leave him
You want to get the message straight
Now people think you’re on the take

‘Listen to me’ – a CNN free therapy
Advice on how to live your life
There’s something here that isn’t right