Just a Feeling

Song written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Fifth track of the album Select.


There are two versions of ‘Just a Feeling’: the album version and the rough mix, released in 2020.

Live performances

‘Just a feeling’ was performed live during the Debut Tour in 1982 only.

Cover versions

‘Just a feeling’ has been covered by MÃ¥ns Wieslander.

Marty about ‘Just a feeling’

This is just a simple love song and the only line that I really love in the song is that line that says “I always looked on the touch of your love as a warm stream running over me”.


Stand at the mirror and look at my face
See all the changes I know somethings wrong
But when I think back to the love that we had
I look for escape ‘cos I know that it’s gone

I always looked on the touch of our love
As a soft stream running over me
But I always knew there would be a way out
But for you, not for me
Just a feeling

Now all I see is the trace of a smile
Memories forgotten a long time ago
Never believed I could see you this way
I don’t know what changed you, I’ll just never know

I used to dream there was someone around
Who was there just to watch over me
Out in the crowds there was someone around
Who was meant just for me

Friends say “impossible”
But I say it’s got to be

Just a feeling