Kandy Krush

Song written by Kim Wilde, Frederick Thomander, Anders Wikström and Ricky Wilde.
Third track on the album 'Here come the aliens'.


There are seven versions of 'Kandy Krush': the album version, a radio mix and the 'Push The Button Remix', created by Ricky Wilde; the 'Discordia mix', created by Dan Peters; plus the Wideboys radio edit, Wideboys club remix and Wideboys dub remix, created by Wideboys.

Music video

The music video for 'Kandy Krush' was premiered online on March 16, 2018, on the day of the release of the album.

Live performances

'Kandy Krush' was performed live during the Here come the aliens tour in 2018 and 2019 and during the Return of the aliens tour.

Kim about 'Kandy Krush'

It's a rock pop track, inspired by my band. When I wrote the song with some Swedish songwriters in Stockholm, I wanted to write a track that was gonna light up the stage. (BBC Breakfast, March 14, 2018)


Drums: Jonathan Atkinson
Guitar: Neil Jones
Keyboards, guitar: Ricky Wilde
Backing vocals: Kim Wilde, Ricky Wilde, Scarlett Wilde