Kids in America 1994

Remix of the track Kids in America, written by Ricky and Marty Wilde. Released as a single in Europe and Japan in January 1994.


After the release of If I Can't Have You and In My Life as singles, it was decided a third track needed to be lifted off the highly successful album The Singles Collection 1981-1993. The track 'Kids in America' was chosen as the new single, in a remix version. Several remixes were commissioned, but in the end it was the remix made by Cappella that was chosen to be the single. Originally MCA Records intended to release the track as Kim's 20th UK single for them, but for reasons unknown these plans were cancelled last minute. A promotional 12" single did reach clubs and DJ's, with several other remixes by Plus Staples and DJ Professor. The Plus Staples remix was also included on the Japanese CD-single.
In Sweden, Kids in America was remixed in reggae style, by a team of mixers called Naked Eyes. It surfaced as a promotional cassette only, entitled 'Reggae radio version'.
In several interviews, Kim has also mentioned a remix by the Utah Saints, but that remix did not happen after all due to lack of time.


'Kids in America 1994' was released on 12" single and cd-single.
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There are nine versions of 'Kids in America 1994': the Cappella mix, the Extension mix, the House mix, the Instrumental version, Plus Staples, X Club Dub, X Cut Cut, Maranza mix and the Reggae radio version.

Music video

A music video was filmed to promote the single.
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Kim about 'Kids in America 1994'

At the moment it's being remixed. And after the album is released it will be released as a single. One mix is already done, made by a couple of italians, the Rupino Brothers. Really great. Kim Wilde on acid. Absolutely fantastic. I love house- and dance music. You could say Kim Wilde crossed with 2 Unlimited or something. And this week another one is made. That one sounds even better, I think. It's done by a couple of guys who call themselves the Development Corps or something. They have something to do with the Cookie Crew. When it's done, we will choose the best one, and release it. I have just made a video for Kids, last week. It was bizarre. We didn't even have the remixed version yet, so we had to work with the original. (1)

Interview sources

(1) Until I was 20 I had little luck in love, Hitkrant (Netherlands), 4 September 1993